Natural Deodorant Stone

How to stop/prevent body odor?

Body Crystal which is in shades of brown colour tone helps to keep people smelling fresh by creating an environment hostile to bacterial growth. Body Crystal is proven effective against unpleasant sweaty smells and body oder. Sweat is actually odorless and only begins to smell when odor-causing bacteria inhabit on the surface of the skin. The body areas that are prone to smell most are folds and warm areas of skin, such as, underarms, groin and feet. These areas are moist and damp and have the most sweat glands, which is most conducive to bacterial growth.

Body Crystal's natural mineral salts crystal eliminates the odor-causing bacteria.

No bacteria = No odor!

A hard physical worker will sweat all over the body. Body Crystal will stop sweaty smells on them if it is applied all over the clean body before sweating. If this is impractical, it is recommended that they apply Body Crystal on the armpits and back. This will greatly reduce sweaty smells. Brown Body Crystal can give up to 36 hours freshness. We can say that Body Crystal is the most effective natural deodorant stone available today. If you have used white deodorant stone, then you will know the vast difference in effectiveness of our brown Body Crystal.