Natural Deodorant Stone


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• My foot odour smells like dead rat. Since using Body Crystal my foot odour problem is solved. - OBT, Malaysia

• It solved my teenage girls body odour. - TAW, Great Britain

• We sell various types of deodorant crystal. This Body Crystal is one special product that keeps customers coming back for it. Sales has been increasing. We frequently have foreign tourists buying by the dozens to bring home. If customer seek my advise on which brand is the best, I always recommend Body Crystal. - Pharmacist, P.Pharmacy, Malaysia

• I am not ashamed to remove my shoes around my friends anymore since using Body Crystal. - SA, Malaysia

• I was really glad to find it. In Europe, we have the alun stone which is good but less efficient...with my best regards for the really good product you have. - ZD, Czech Republic

• I was using white deodorant stone and it was effective for only about 5-6 hours. This brown deodorant stone works great for me. It keeps me smelling fresh throughout the day and at workouts and not offensive to the people around me during those times. - LS, New Zealand

• Just a short note to let you know that the Body Crystal arrived safely! Thank you for the fast shipping. - MH, Australia

• The Crystal has arrived. Thanks. - NK, Indonesia

• Are really the best deodorant stone I have ever used. - DA, United States of America